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Jun. 18th, 2003 @ 02:56 am Tuesday the 17th, Part XXXVI
Current Mood: soresore
Tuesday the 17th's have always been my unlucky days. Friday the 13th's have always been fine....but yeah. I don't know why its always been that way....just one of those things i guess.

So last night i made this really long ass post about my whole weekend and a bunch of other shit cause i was high and rambling. And right before i was gonna post it, i was kinda reading thru it, and i clicked on 'post options' and my computer didn't like that, and it froze and crashed. FUCK! damn, that really sucked, so i think we'll just do the short versions and i'll just list the highlights. I'm sure i'll post about them more at one point, but i really don't feel like writing that whole thing again!

~Mentioned to my parents that i hated playing my drum kit cause it was such a piece of shit and that i was going to Guitar Center to get some prices on new kits. I was gonna look into maybe applying for a G.C. credit card to pay it off. But then when i got home, my dad sat me down and told me to come up with some prices and he's gonna pay for it! I'm sorry, i love being spoiled while i still can be.

~Went to Rocky's Whores and yeah. That was alright, a really shitty audience, but it was alright. Then we went to an after party like right down the street and hung out with some very strange/cool people. One of those people was this (obviously straight) guy who liked my "red spikes" (my hair) and he kept playing with it and like, running his hand across the top of my hair....it was funny as shit.

~Then....oh yeah....played one of our fan's birthday/graduation party. It was very interesting...alot of her family was there, and they're ALL Polish, and alot of them didn't speak any english. But they were very nice, and very funny (and very drunk......at 5:00pm on a Sunday) One of them offered us like $1000 to play his party in like a month! STOKED!!! Gotta love those rich, friendly, (drunk) Polish people. :-)

~Then went to Club Velvet with Nicole, Lexx, and Nicole's little brother. I actually had a fucking blast. It was so much fun. So much fun in fact, that by the end of the night, after a few bowls, and a few drinks, I was up dancing on one of the go-go boxes! I mean, I REALLY don't dance that much, so i have no idea how good/bad i am. But as i was looking around all night, at all the straight guys dancing, I think i was doing damn good. I mean come on, I'm a fucking drummer, i HAVE rhythm! Whatever, i had fun, fuck you all, lol.

I think thats about it. Anything else i'm sure i'll go into in another post.

But anyways....today just fuckin sucked. Like, not seriously, but shitty little things just kept happening. Last week at work, we had a rather LARGE warehouse shipment that i had to stock by myself. Well yeah, today beat that. We had 59 boxes...over 400 pairs of shoes...that i had to put up..........by myself. God...that fuckin sucked. Then after i get off of a very frustrating day at work, for more reasons than just the shipment...lets just say that most girls shouldn't work at Journey's. Especially if that WON'T CLIMB A FUCKING LADDER!! anyways...i went to rehearsal after work. That was just annoying, cause we were writing this new song, that just isn't really working and as i've mentioned before, writing is SO frustrating in this band, its just really hard to get my point across. Plus they were just talking shit all night about me, and giving me a hard time, and i just really wasn't in the mood for it. So yeah, now i'm home, and tired, and sore...so i think i'm gonna stop writing, before my computer freezes and i have to post this all again when it decides to start working again.
Jun. 13th, 2003 @ 02:28 am i hate trying to think of subjects.....who the fuck cares?!
Current Mood: highhigh
Serious shit, huh?! haha anyways....man, what a fuckin day. I woke up with the worst stomach ache in the world at like 7:00am. But i was too asleep to realize that i had to puke. So i just kinda woke up, sat there and thought "Damn, if i puke, then i could go back to sleep." And i fuckin hate puking, i hardly ever do. So when i do, its like the WORST THING in the world! i swear...its the truth. So i puked, and i think i might have fallen asleep at the toilet sometime...cause i remember going back to bed at like 7:45am...it was very strange...and i'm surprised i can remember all that. I really don't know why i puked, i can't think of anything i ate that would've made me sick...everything i ate, i know was good. So i think it was probably stress, thats the only explaination i can come up with. So then i slept until like 1:30pm...watched a little TV to wake up, and then when i started getting ready....i was gonna go in the bathroom and finish getting ready....but the fuckin maids were in there. They're supposed to come at like 8:00am and be going by like 10:00....but there were in my bathroom for like 30min, so that made me late to work. God Dammit!!! but its cool, cause my mananger doesn't give a shit. So then i worked....and many interesting things happened that i'm not really gonna go into, cause that a lot of shit to explain...but its all good stuff, so no worries. :) Then i left work, and went to rehearsal...ugh. Tired as shit, still haven't eaten anything, and really sore. So that sucked, plus i broke both the heads on both my snare drums....so that was kinda then end of rehearsal. And Jeremy and Fred were bitching about how they wanted to rehearse longer and it was already like 12:30! Then they were bitching about my drum set and how its a piece of crap....which it pretty much is. I've needed a new one for a WHILE now. But where the fuck am i gonna get that kind of money? So that just kinda pissed me off, cause every time i sit down at that kit, i get pissed cause i'm so SICK of it!!

Ok so i'm talking to Dana right now on AIM and i have to post this shit....this is very strange...but pretty cool.

danabanabean (2:06:52 AM): guess what?
danabanabean (2:06:59 AM): your a sexy bitch
SooperDoob (2:07:13 AM): i am?
danabanabean (2:07:43 AM): yes you are
danabanabean (2:07:52 AM): so some guy told me tonight
danabanabean (2:08:04 AM): that he had heard that once you fuck a chick you ruin her for every other guy
danabanabean (2:08:10 AM): cause no one can compare to you
danabanabean (2:08:18 AM): some guy told me he had heard that bout you
SooperDoob (2:08:20 AM): they said that about me?
SooperDoob (2:08:32 AM): thats fuckin hilarious
SooperDoob (2:08:38 AM): is that true....you would know?
danabanabean (2:08:39 AM): yeah
danabanabean (2:08:51 AM): i wouldn't say ruin.....
SooperDoob (2:08:59 AM): well no, neither would i
danabanabean (2:08:57 AM): set the standard higher?
danabanabean (2:09:01 AM): yes definitely
SooperDoob (2:09:04 AM): lol
danabanabean (2:09:18 AM): few compare a fewer are equal
SooperDoob (2:09:46 AM): aaahhhh.........::shakes:: mmmmm......a little bit of ego.
SooperDoob (2:09:56 AM): lol

thats pretty funny....it makes me wonder who that guy is and who he heard it from....and if that person heard it from someone else..."and they told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on"....haha

Ummm....what else...nothing really. So i think i'm done posting
Jun. 13th, 2003 @ 01:52 am hey look Mary, we match!!
Current Mood: weirdweird
The Lost Soul
The Lost Soul

What sign of the Black Zodiac are you?
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Jun. 9th, 2003 @ 01:02 am blah
Current Mood: lonelylonely
well i'm really depressed, really bored, and a little fucked up....so here a survey..hope you enjoy it

> >
> > First Name: Bret
> > Middle Name: Joshua
> > Any Nicknames: Doobie, Spatula
> > Age: 21
> > Birthdate: 11-15-81
> > Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
> > Where do you live: Santa Clarita, CA
> > Have you ever moved: once, i lived in the same house for 18 years, and then moved like 3 miles
> > Eye Color: green/brown/gray, depends on my mood
> > Hair Color: naturally light brown/blonde, but right now its red with blonde highlights
> > Hair Length: ummm....short, but i think i'm gonna start growing it out, i have a hair style in mind that i wanna try to pull off...heehee
> > wavy/straight/curly hair: wavy and curly....pain the fuckin ass
> > Skin (pale,white,tan,dark,black): yeah, i'm pretty white, but i'm getting some color
> > Have you ever dyed your hair: ..duh!
> > If so, what color: ummm......well i haven't done purple or green yet
> > School: whats that? lol
> > Siblings: Tia
> > Parents Names: Peter and Cathy
> > Pets: Shadow - beagle mix and a cat that doesn't really have a real name...its a long story. and then like 20 something fish in the pond and the aquarium
> > Any Tattoos: ummm....technically 7, but theres kinda two in one since i added to it
> > Any Piercings: ears, eyebrow, lip
> > Braces: nope, not since like 8th grade
> > Freckles: scattered everywhere, i've got some in really strange spots.....
> > glasses/contacts: i need glasses
> >
> >
> > Of your friends which is the.....
> >
> > Funniest: Spyder or Todd
> > Prettiest: Alex
> > Smartest: i dunno
> > Craziest: way too many to list
> > Most likely to succeed: Christi
> > Most opinionated: Jordan
> > Hangs with you most: Mary, Rachel and Jordan
> > Best Style: Alicia
> > Flirtiest: Lucas
> > Quietest: compared to all my friends, that would probably have to be me
> > Loudest: Rachel
> > Sweetest: Mary
> > One you share all your secrets with: none of them really...
> > Wierdest: Jeremy
> > Blondest: Jeremy again
> > the one that lives farthest away: ummm.....probably Stephan
> > the one that lives closest: Rachel or Jordan, i could walk there if i wanted
> > One you have known the longest: Rachel and Jordan
> >
> > Love Life
> >
> > GF/BF/Single: single
> > How long have you been together: huh?
> > Are you in love with them: wha?
> > Do you have a crush: yeah
> > Name: damn, you're asking alot, don't ya think?
> > Does this person know: not sure
> > Do you think you will ever date this person: if its a crush, then i think this question is kinda dumb....shouldn't it be obvious?
> > First Kiss: ummm...Lisa something in like 7th or 8th grade
> > First Crush: i have no idea
> > Have you ever loved somebody so much it made you cry: Yes
> What was your hardest breakup: Jenn
> > What is the longest relationship you have been in: 1 1/2 years
> > With whom: Jenn
> > Why did you all break up: damn....thats a long story
> > What is the first thing you notice about a guy/girl when you
> meet them: their sense of humor, their smile, and then i'll check out the rest of them, lol
> > Turn On: maturity, sense of humor, biting, scratching...
> > Turn Off: stupid, obnoxiously drunk, bad breath
> > Have you ever fell in love with a friend: nope..
> > Would you rather have a long term relationship or date around: right now, i have no clue
> > If love were a color it would be: ??
> > If love were a shape it would be: ??
> > Whats your idea of a perfect date: doesn't really matter, just being with the person is all that really matters
Whats your ideal guy/girl: mature, thoughtful, cute, funny
> > Do you want to get married: yeah at one point
> > If so,what age would you like to be married: shit, i dunno
> > Who will you marry: the girl i love
> > What do you want to do when grow up: something that i love
> > Where will you live: no idea
> > Do you want to have kids: yeah, i suppose
> > If so, how many: don't know
> > What would you name them: boys: Xavier Thomas, Jase (something), girls: Kierstin Rae, shit, i don't know, i've never really given it that much thought
> >
> >
> > Coke/Pepsi: coke
> > Pen/Pencil: don't matter
> > Vanilla/Chocolate: chocolate
> > hug/kiss: depends on the person
> > lights on/off: depends on my mood
> > dark/light: dark
> > rose/lily: ummm.....rose, why not?
> > boy/girl: girl
> > Dr Pepper/Mt.Dew: ack, neither, unless its code red
> > McDonalds/Burger King: the better question would be Taco Bell/Del Taco??
> > sandals/shoes: shoes
> > NSync/BSB: ugh, kill me now
> > Britney/Christina: ::see above::
> > Justin Timberlake/Nick Carter: ::again::
> > CD/Tape: CD
> > Phone/Computer: comptuer, i'm not a phone person at all
> > Skittles/M'n'M's: Skittles
> > rich and unhappy/poor and happy: (i agree with Dana's answer) rich and unhappy it isn't possible to be happy and poor
> > tootsie pops/blow pops: Blow Pops
> > 1 pillow/or 2: Three....2 for my head and 1 to hold on to.....unless i've got a body to hold on to, then yeah, its only two
> >
> >
> > color: Silver
> > food: if it tastes good, i'll eat it
> > song: damn, theres so many
> > Group: ::see above::
> > Solo Singer: none really...
> > Movie: Orgazmo, Bubble Boy, Donnie Darko, Office Space
> > Tv Show: Simpsons
> > Beverage: Coke
> > Alcoholic beverage: Jager Bombers heehee
> > subject: ack, NO SCHOOL!!
> > teacher: ::see above::
> > store in the mall: Journey's!! hahaha
> > radio station: 97.1 LA's FM talk station
> > flower: don't care
> > book: i can't remember the last book i read
> > day of the week: they're all the same to me
> > animal: any kind of wild cat
> > holiday: Halloween
> > sport: hockey and x-games kinda shit....although its been a while since i've watched either.
> > fast food: all of them!
> > color to wear: black or blue usually
> > number: 36
> > actress: Bridgette Wilson, Patricia Arquette
> > actor: Jake Gylennhall, Chris Kattan
> > MTV Show: thats the problem, MTV has shows....what the fuck happened to the VIDEOS?! oh yeah, they needed to make another channel for that, and you have to PAY extra for it!!
> > place to eat: i dunno, i usually eat fast food....so check the answer for that one
> > ice cream flavor: Rocky Road
> > magazine: Maxim, Modern Drummer, the Musician's Friend catalog
> >
> > Questions
> >
> > Have you ever cheated on a test: yeah, lots
> > Cut your own hair: nope
> > Dyed your own hair: yes
> > Have you ever been in a fight: not physical
> > Skinny Dipped: no, but i did naked hot tub once
> > Skipped School: Yes
> > Streaked: nope
> > Toilet papered someones house/car: yes
> > Paintballed someones house/car etc: no
> > Got toilet papered: yep, well it was meant for my sister
> > Smoked Weed: do you have to ask?
> > Been so drunk you puked: never....and i'm really surprised i haven't
> > been drunk: yes
> > Got in trouble with the police: yes
> > If so,for what: smoking when i was 15
> > Went to a concert: DUH!!!
> > If so,who did you go with and who was in concert: ok, lets just narrow it down...the answer to both would be 'my band'
> > played spin the bottle: yes
> > played 7 minutes in heaven: no
> > ran away from home: yeah
> > stolen something: yes
> > broken a bone: yeah
> > cheated on a BF/GF: nope
> > fell asleep in class: yeah, i slept everyday in Economics and i passed with a B+
> > gone to jail/juvenile: no
> > been in the hospital: just the ER
> > flashed someone: nope
> > kissed someone of the same sex: nope
> > gotten lost on a vacation: yeah, well if you consider tour a vacation
> >
> >
> > Do you drive: yes
> > Do you have a car: yes
> > If so,what kind of car do you have: Ford Explorer
> > What kind of car do you want: Jeep Wrangler, '66 Vette would fuckin rock
> > Do you think you will ever get your dream car?: i doubt it, well maybe the Wrangler....but not exactly how i want it
> > Do you wish you were older/younger than you are: both, they both have their advantages
> > If so,what age and why: ummm.....well under 10 so i wouldn't care about anything....and older cause....i dunno
> > Do you like to party: sometimes
> > How often do you go to parties: every once and a while, not as much as i should i think
> > Do you smoke: duh, again
> > Do you cuss: "Cuss" what the fuck is that?
> > Do you consider yourself attractive: not really
> > Do you consider yourself a nice girl/boy: kinda
> > Do you have a CD burner: not a working one
> > What did you do yesterday: drove home from NoHo, slept like 3 hours, went to the studio and spent all day there, and then went to rocky
> > What did you do today: slept until about 3:00, went to a meeting at work, hung out with rachel and jordan
> > What are you doing tommorrow: working, other than that, i don't know
> > What are you doing this weekend: not a clue, i never know whats going on this early in advance
> What did you do last weekend: stuff
> > What are you gonna do when this is finished? probably go smoke a bowl, take some valium and try to forget about everything
> >
> > THE LAST....
> >
> > thing you ate: a toasted marshmallow
> > thing you drank: a shot of Jose
> > song you heard: Traces - Weedeeter
> > show you watched: i'm watching Cops right now
> > person you saw: rachel, jordan, josh, sherri, mike, and cheryl
> > person who called you: Jordan
> > person you called: Jeremy
> > person you hugged: Dana
> > person you kissed: Dana or Lauren when i was saying bye to everyone last night
> > told you they loved you: Dana
> > movie you watched: Down to Earth....it was pretty lame
> > person you talked to on the internet: Dana
> >
> > ARE YOU......
> >
> > nice: usually
> > a sweetheart: sure, why not?
> > cute: i don't know
> > pretty: oh yeah baby
> > hot: yeah, i need to open a window, the AC is off
> > caring: yeah, all the time
> > fat,skinny,or just right: everyone tells me that i'm too skinny
> > a good friend: yeah, i think so
> > a bitch: occasionally
> > trustworthy: yes
> > honest: depends on the person....like i'm never honest with my parents, but i'm not sure that counts lol
> > crazy: sometimes
> > funny: sure...why not?
Jun. 5th, 2003 @ 03:50 pm trying not to kill someone
Current Mood: pissed offpissed off
There is nothing, and i mean NOTHING more annoying than traffic for no reason!! I just sat in between Cinema Dr. and Bouquet Cyn (for those of you that don't know, thats only about 1/2 a mile) for 45 fucking minutes.....why? who fuckin knows. The light to turn left was only letting like 3-4 cars go thru. Plus i was trying to get over to get out of the lane i was in, the worst one of course, and did that happen....NO, not a single person let me in. In fact, a few people sped past me as i was trying to get over, and flipped me off! Damn, i must have come a little too close to their Expedition and i almost made the spill their Starbucks. Then once i turn left and start going, some ASSHOLE decides that he wants to be cute and starts going back and forth from lane to lane at 30 MPH and won't let me get by. Yeah....at that time i wished i had a piece of shit car, so i could just run him off the road and beat him sensless with whatever large metal object i could find in my car. So now i have 10 min before i have to leave for work, when i should have had at least an hour to relax and EAT and change....not anymore.
May. 31st, 2003 @ 07:02 pm dog poo?! this is awesome!!
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Whats on the radio, Brad?: "Havin a bad day" (its a song in bubble boy)....how ironic
this is the highlight of my day....Bubble Boy is on cinemax. Today has just sucked balls and i don't know why. Both yesterday and today i just got up on the wrong side of the bed i guess. its like i knew the day was gonna suck before i even woke up. and i hate when stupid people try to make you feel better. people that first off, don't know the slightest thing about me, and second, are too young to understand what REAL problems are. and then when you tell them that you're not going to talk to them about it, they get pissed off and stop talking to you, whatever. i need a bowl.....too bad i'm out of weed and my account is negatives again. what a surpirse. hmmm....wonder if i have any resin in any of my pieces....i should go check. bye
May. 31st, 2003 @ 03:09 pm ok, ok.......do we know any coke dealers?
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
So my dad just came in my room and asked me why i was up until 6:00am this morning. I told him i couldn't sleep and then threw a drug test on my bed, and said he wants it done before i leave anywhere. He thinks i'm on speed, crack, coke, and anything else. Cause you know....those late hours and my eating habits obvioulsy mean that i'm doing all sorts of drugs. Hes such a fucking retard. god i hate him
May. 31st, 2003 @ 05:11 am boredness....
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
so damn, its like 4:30 in the morning, and surprise, i can't sleep. So i'm bored as shit, and there is seriously NOTHING on TV. Absolutely nothing worth watching for like the next hour! ugh, that sucks, but hey, my computer's working....thats a plus. and i'm really high, so i keep dozing off into another world for a few seconds between sentences, lol. So hmmm..........what could i do....umm.......i could write a poem. Although, it might be a little depressing, they always come out that way.


Ok, no, bad idea. I wrote like the whole thing and then deleted it cause it was a little too depressing. and yeah, i didn't really need to share that with everyone. Sorry everyone, maybe i'll go back thru it when i'm in a little better mood and i'll post it. Its now 4:58 hmmm...........what now....maybe i could find some quizzes or something like that....lemme check.

Dammit, nothing! but at least Scary Movie 2 is on.....ok, i'm done writing, i can't think of anything else to write about. I apologize to anyone who read this extremely boring post. lol
May. 27th, 2003 @ 05:47 pm what a weekend
Current Mood: draineddrained
Whats on the radio, Brad?: Chevelle - Send the Pain Below
Yeah....it was quite a weekend in 110 degree weather in AZ. It was pretty much just a drunken blur, but i'll see how much i can recap::

Thursday - i got there about 7:30pm or so and went to my sister Tia's house. Got cleaned up and went out to a restraunt called Rock Bottom....it was basically BJ's. Had a few drinks....and fell in love with a new one... Jeiger Bomber (Jeigermiester [sp?] and Red Bull.....yummy) Yeah, those are trouble. Then we went to a bar called Fat Tuesdays and drank Everclear....that was interesting. Then....when i was all worried about getting weed out there....i ended up talking to Tia's friend Dan, and he offered me shrooms. But i was pretty fucked up already, so i told him that i was there til monday, and maybe we'll find the time.

Friday - Slept in, rode Tia's bike to get lunch. Tia and I went early to her work so she could kinda show me around....she works at the Westin Resort and Spa....kinda like a Four Seasons. Just a bunch or rich, drunk motherfuckers with their kids, but its a really nice hotel. Then i watched the dive in movie (Wild Wild West.....ugh, yay) After that i went with her friend Scott to a place called Zipps, had a few drinks, played some pool. Then went to Jilly's and had a few drinks and some food with Chad and his friend. There was a cover band there that were playing hits that were out right now, they were pretty decent. Chad gave me a really shitty teeny tiny joint (hey its the thought that counts, right?) Then went to Christy's, there were like 5 people there, so we left.

Saturday - Woke up kinda early and rode Tia's bike to her work ('bout 8-9 miles, damn what a workout) All i did all day long was hung out at the pool. I laid out for a bit and then Tia got me my own cabana where they brought me free drinks, fruit, chips, whatever i wanted all day. All that was missing was two gorgeous women with oversized leaves fanning me! it was awesome. Went home, got ready, and went out with Jamie and Tia to a club called Martini Ranch. And guess who was playing?! the same band from the night before....only tonight they were playing 80's and early 90's covers.....and they did them all REALLY well! So yeah, i earned a lot more respect for them that night. Tia and Jamie met two guys that bought us all drinks, all night....they were pretty much all either the Jeiger Bombers or Patron.....yeah, damn. I don't remember how many i had....not at all. Then.......ummm, shit.........oh yeah! then one of Tia's sober friends picked us all up and we went back to Dan's house. Played Fusball, smoked a few bowls, and then i passed out about 5:00am.

Sunday - Woke up at 8:00am cause we left Tia's car and the club and Jamie had to be at work. So Dan took us to Tia's to get Jamie's car. Tia had to work later....so I, as PISSED OFF as i was, went with Jamie and drove Tia's car home. It was a really long way and i was really hungover, and still a little drunk. Slept until about 2:00pm and i sat around the house all day, watching the game show network. It was the funny thing tho, i saw the Weakest Link Rap Star edition.....those people were fuckin retarted! Ummm......then i went out with Scott again to Zipps and met up with Phil. They were pouring shots down my thoat all night until i was too fucked up to stand long enough to play pool. Then Tia got there and made fun of me :-) Then we made the mistake of going to a casino where i lost $50! And when i say 'lost', i mean it. All i played were slots, and i didn't win a cent. Not ONE spin was a win. It sucked balls, and i was really pissed. So i went home and passed the fuck out.

Monday - Woke up at about 9:00am with the worst hangover i've ever had, and i was out of weed so there was no wake and bake to make it better. So I walked out in the blazing heat to the Mobil down the street and got some Alka Seltzer Morning Relief...and i highly recommend it, it helped SO much. Then Scott picked us up at around 10:30am and took us to Tia's car (it was at Zipps) then sped to the airport in time to be EXTREMELY LATE for a 12:00pm flight. I got to the terminal and asked if they were still boarding and she says, "Are you Bret?......we've been waiting for you." That sucked cause i held up the whole flight, and i had to sit in the back, so i had to make the Walk of Shame down the aisle and everyone glarred at me.

So yeah, that was my trip, pretty much. some things that i should point out.....
-as you might have noticed, i didn't do the shrooms, that just would've been bad, i felt.
-Ummm....every single place that we went.....i was drinking....i was pretty much wasted for the whole trip. But that was kind of the point....i needed a vacation. But now i'm ready for another one, too bad its not easy.
-So i didn't really leave out any details to make the paragraphs shorter...all of that is pretty much all i remember, i don't really remember everything....mainly what i drank. I know i didn't do anything bad, just not any details. I also remember Tia saying sunday night that i LOOKED totally sober, but i'm sure i just made an ass of myself.
May. 22nd, 2003 @ 02:17 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: busybusy
Whats on the radio, Brad?: nada musica
ugh, there is not enough time in a day! Its 2:15, my ride comes at 4:00 and i still have to pack, go to my mom's work, go to the bank, and i'd LOVE to take a shower, but i don't think thats gonna happen before i leave. But i'm happy as shit that i'm going, i need a vacation dammit! I really hope i'm able to make it online sometime in the next 5 days, i might go thru withdrawl from the comptuer if i don't!!! lol Anyways, since i have so much to do, I'm gonna go do that. BYE EVERYONE!!! I'LL SEE YOU WHEN I GET BACK FROM ARIZONA!!! if you have my number, call me, i'll probably be doing a whole lotta nothin!