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Nov. 29th, 2004 @ 08:33 pm oh my fucking god!!
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Holy shit, is Bret actually posting again?! Yes, its true..its been months and months since i've even logged on to Livejournal, but now, why not? It seems that i really don't always have that many people to talk to/bitch to/ramble on to, so i'll just do it here! But then again, i guess that's kinda the idea of LJ, isn't it? So yeah, i might actually start posting on a regular basis again...not that that many people will read it, i have 12 people on my friends list, a lot of people have like 100! Eh, whatever.
Man, today has been the most annoying day! I thought yesterday was bad. Just little annoying things that really piss you off....like putting up the x-mas lights, and everything that's involved with that (what a fucking nightmare...and they're still not done!)...like making this entire post and then my browser freezes and i have to retype the whole thing!! What else....my cell phone dropping every call that i've made or received today, going to Burger King and then not having enough cash to get anything i want...so then i went to McDonalds and after waiting in the drive thru for 5 min, they told me that they needed me to pull around and wait for it....i got a quarter pounder with cheese combo...and i needed to wait extra time for that??...and to make it worse, as i'm waiting for it, i watch 6, count 'em, SIX other cars get they're food right away!! WTF?! Ugh, theres been more that just that, but i wont go into how i hate living in this fucking house, and how much i hate my father...they're will be plenty of those posts in the future!! Blah, its that time of year again when every song you hear is some sappy christmas song, everyone is either in or expects you to be in a 'holly jolly' mood, any public place you wanna go is a complete disaster of people, and people get upset when you tell them that you hate christmas. I don't really hate christmas itself, i just hate the "holidays" and everything that comes with them! Whatever....i'm done.
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Date:November 30th, 2004 04:37 am (UTC)
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Dude, how about saying "But I hung out with my good friend Yael, and she rocks!"